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I am weeVanStood, a creator of audio/visual material.

There are links here to various works I have created.

My latest release is called Island Life, available on Bandcamp and on streaming services. Eight tracks based around field recordings recorded on the island around October 2018. One day, when walking up to the village, I heard an extraordinary mournful sound playing, could this be a musician practising in the far off houses? No, it was the faint wind blowing through the roadsign to the heliport. As I recorded the sound a local woman walked past in flip flops adding to the moment. And so just one example of many, a washing line flapping like crazy in a gale, the endless soothing waves putting me in a trance or even the sound of the shitbin clanging shut after the morning's business done.........all for your listening pleasure!

Should you wish to contact me, use the form below and I'll get back to you

weeVanStood - sound & vision
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